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System - Sunday, September 10, 2017


There are a few reasons why landlords and investors with rental property in Edmonds, Washington choose Miller Laine Property Management, we offer a:


Tenant Placement Guarantee


Do you know how to advertise your property to attract high-quality, long-term tenants? There's Craigslist, Zillow, and many other sites that are aimed to get you tenants, but you need to make sure you place them fast. How long could you last if you had to pay that mortgage with no rental income? At Miller Laine Property Management, we are so confident in our systems that we GUARANTEE tenants within 30 days. If we haven't found you a tenant within 30 days, we'll pay your RENT!


Eviction Guarantee 


The average eviction in Washington takes up to 64 days. Could you go two, three, or even four months with no rental income? At Miller Laine Property Management, our comprehensive screening has resulted in 1 eviction in 10 years. We get you a great tenant, and to back that up, we offer a Eviction Guarantee where we will pay the legal costs.


Hassle-Free Maintenance Program


When was the last time you seen the inside of your rental home? It's an issue landlords all around the nation have to deal with when it comes to repairs and liability on rental property. It goes deeper than simply, “can I make my own repairs?” You'll have to comply with fair housing, ensuring a hospitable environment, and following an ironclad lease. Time and time again, we've seen landlords get sued for negligence by their own tenants. That's why at Miller Laine Property Management, you’ll love our Hassle-Free Maintenance Program. 

  • 24-hour response to maintenance requests

  • Licensed, bonded and insured contractors

  • Real Time updates

  • Cloud based monitoring


We take the 3AM phone calls so you don’t have to! This includes full interior/exterior inspections of the property and units yearly. You will receive a detailed inspection report (with photos) from a licensed/bonded contractor, along with a list of recommended maintenance and associated costs. In total, we will perform 3 inspections per year to offer you the highest level of protection.


Our Landlord Advantage system is the roadmap to your real estate investment success. We’ll show you how our proven systems offer a hands off solution to you, the Landlord. They include 24/7 access to your account, cloud based reporting, monthly rent collection, accounting, maintenance and repair coordination. Your only job is to relax and watch the rents be deposited into your account like clockwork. 


Get the Landlord Advantage System to work for you, contact us at Miller Laine Property Management and let our team of seasoned industry experts help you maximize your rents and minimize your involvement.